All orders will be shipped on the same business day if order was dropped before 3.30p.m during Monday to Friday. All orders dropped after 3.30 pm will be shipped on the next business day. All orders dropped after 3.30 p.m on Friday and during Saturday, Sunday will be shipped on Monday.


When you place an order online we will estimate delivery time of 1 day for local delivery, 2 to 7 days for regional delivery and up to 13 days for national deliveries based upon the commitment made by Post. We are not responsible for any delay in shipping time once the product is shipped out from our location. Our door delivery would take place at any time between 6 pm to 9 pm. If you want to make any change in delivery time, please feel free to give us a call at the location where you drop your order. All our contact numbers of local pick up locations are given under Contact Us option. We understand that you want to get your order as quickly as possible at your door, but unfortunately sometimes there is a delay caused by the shipping carrier due to unexpected circumstances. In that case we are not responsible for any shipment delay once we ship product from our location. However we are always here to help customer to track their shipment or on route missing shipment. We ship our products by Post and post provides Liability Coverage of up to for all the parcels shipped by Post Expedited Parcel program. We always prefer to ship our goods by Post Expedited Parcel service if it meets the certain size and weight requirements, if your order does not meet the same then we prefer to ship by regular mail.


Please do not pay online if you wish to pick up your order items from the local pick up locations or desire to be delivered at your door and contact local pick up location to confirm your order.

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